Introduction to Navigation (Snowdonia)

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Introduction to Navigation for Walkers (Snowdonia)

If you are searching for a course which gives you a sound basis in practical navigational skills, as well as the theory to back it up, then this is the course for you. It has been designed for the beginner who wishes to master the basic skills required to navigate confidently in the mountains.


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Courses available on request, 3 days from £260.00

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What you will need

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Accommodation and Transport

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  • Use of map (Conventional signs, Grid references, Scale).

  • Compass (Bearings, map to compass and compass to map). 

  • Practical Contour interpretation.

  • Measuring distance. 

  • Relocation methods.

  • Estimating Paces.

  • Estimating Time.

There will be a some evening lectures, however the majority of the instruction will be held outdoors with as much practical application as time and weather permit.

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